Mine 21 documentary

“Mine 21” will be premiering at Monteagle Elementary School on October 24th at 7 PM, and screening on October 28th at 5 PM at the Sewanee Union Theatre. Click HERE to see the trailer!Screen Shot 2018-10-10 at 7.29.45 PM.png

6 Replies to “Mine 21 documentary”

  1. My father was one of the 13 Miners how come I didn’t know anything about the documentary his name is Franklin e willbourn I would like to have all of the information you have please I miss him so much I am 45 year old and I still really have no answer for his death please help me


    1. Hi Regina– Thanks for your note. Right now what we have is only 15 minutes but we are finishing it up this summer. There were quite a few interviews we needed to do, and it has just taken some time to get it all together. My hope is to get it on to TV, so many people will be able to see this important story. Sorry for all the delays on this.


      1. I would like to be able to be apart of the documentary on the 1981 mine 21 explosion I am the daughter of Franklin e Wilburn I never got to see him I don’t even have a picture of him


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